A daily tasting menu of fresh, hand picked WA produce!

13/04/2017 Sample

Snacks, WR veal tongue & beer mustard // Pork skin & Fennel seed

Berkshire pork Coppa // WR veal Bresaola

Corn & roasted prawn salt // Potato skin, ricotta 

Manjimup marron, Rye sourdough, marron head butter

Apple cucumber, pear cherry tomato, eucalyptus

Garden, Eggplant, chickpea, Red Gum honey, duck yolk, rye

Baby Royal Blues, baby onion petals, bone marrow & garlic,

blue cheese

21 Day Dry Aged Dorper Mutton, Pumpkin, mutton floss, goat’s milk probiotic

Berkshire Pork Belly, Baby leek, capsicum, desert lime, Sichuan pepper

Tepache icy pole

Orchards fruits & Gin botanicals, Whey caramel, black olive licorice

Quince & Rhubarb, Oats, pumpkin seeds, almond, yoghurt & peach, fresh Honeycomb

Goat’s milk, Rum & Raisin

 Signature Tasting Menu $130pp (6 snacks + 5 savoury dishes + 4 sweet treats) 
 Optional matched beverages, additional $80pp 

 Express Tasting Menu $105pp (2 snacks + 3 savoury dishes + 2 sweet treats) 
Optional matched beverages, additional $55pp

 Vegetarian/Vegan Special (available on Tuesdays only) -  An off the cuff vegetarian tasting menu with the day's fresh from the farm produce - $69 pp

Please tell us when booking of any dietary requirements and we are more than happy to adjust!
  Chef - Kiren Mainwaring, Jamie Hembrow

*Please note that prices may change without notice